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A description of the person I am becoming

A description of the person I want to be
May 18, 2018
I am the kind of person who always is looking for ways to improve the lives of people around me. I am constantly building my friends and family up to be their best selves. In doing this, I make sure I am being a model that others can follow as they watch the life I live. For me, life is about doing the work that will build up the kingdom of God, and the character building that comes with that.
I am in control of my emotions, feelings, and actions. I am in love with my wife, partner, and helpmate. I have certainly found a life ling friend and companion since she came into my life. Our love is bound by peace, joy, and contentment. We are equally yoked in all areas and facets of our lives. We work together harmoniously in our kingdom building practices. Living with her is truly a show of favor from God.
My finances are completely in order. I can make any and all purchases using cash. I do not have a need for credit or debt. My accounts,…
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The Art of Getting Unstuck

By Ethan Brisby
March 4, 2018
The year of 2017 was good to me on so many levels. From a business standpoint, my company became its own brokerage firm. Meaning I no longer have to share profits from commissions I earn for representing buyers and sellers. From a family standpoint, my son and I continued to grow our relationship; we spent an entire week together in Chicago exploring the city and bonding. Contrarily, 2017 left me stuck, unable to proceed. I could not pass go, and I did not collect $200 as the calendar turned to 2018.
With this in mind, I reached a point midway through February that I knew I needed to get unstuck. So I consciously began that process, and here is how I did it:
Be around people who understand/share your vision
Due to a series of unfavorable events, I found myself on an extremely thin shoestring budget, but I knew I needed to be around some folks who get me. With this in mind, I found a plane ticket to my second home, Atlanta for right around $100. My first stop…

“The Culture” on Trial: Rape in Modern Society

“The Culture” on Trial: Rape in Modern Society By: Ethan Brisby  @ethanbrisby 
November 13, 2017
I have a friend. She visits me at my house. Every time, she come up with a reason for us to make it my bedroom. Eventually, we get to touching and feeling. But she always says, “no” just before I am about to put it in. This has happened multiple times, and each time I stop, because that’s what she ask me to do.
This is not the case many times for young men and women. Especially when you have two bare naked bodies next to each other. The perception is that each person is prepared to consent to sexual intercourse. Here’s some background for you; I have and continue to practice abstinence for multiple extended periods of time. My longest stent being six years prior to my most recent relationship. But when a woman I am secure with insinuates she want the D, I do not mind obliging.
It just seems my friend can’t …

The morning of September 9, 2017

Thirty-five and one day. Wow, as I look back over the past decade of my life, I can truly say I am blessed. I have seen and done more than some people see and do in a lifetime. From late Vegas nights to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My life is balanced.
The year of 2017 is quickly turning into the best year of my life on all fronts. I continue to position myself to serve many people through my ministry and business ventures. Since January, SHIFT Enterprise Academy expanded to include a small group of high performing youth in Galveston County. My real estate business is giving more opportunities than I can handle, and my son is evolving into a true upgrade of my best self.
As with anything, God continues to test my heart. I spent 13 days in the county jail this summer on a very fluke situation that somehow turned into a positive. During my short time, I spoke life into more than one inmate by listening, advising, and encouraging. It was during this time my eyes were opened to …

What am I learning about myself?

March 22, 2017Day 22What am I learning about myself? I'm learning how amazing I am. I amaze myself. And by I, I mean God. It's all about that quiet still voice. Those rumblings of confidence that live on the inside. I like to think of myself as a superhero or a genius at worse. However, there is an inherent level of humility that comes with that. You see, those who accept the call in life to do more do it out of a reverence and love for the greater good. The greater good is different for different people, and like everything in life that truly matters, it evolves. What I mean by this is that once upon a time, the greater good for me was about 90% involving helping African Americans. Now, for me the greater good certainly includes African-Americans prominently, but I also see all my peers age-wise and thought process wise as the greater good. To put it lightly I mean people who are for what I am for, and share similar perspectives and experiences about life. I like high-achievi…

The Balancing Act of Life: A few words of remembrance about my friend Brandon (1983-2016)

December 18, 2016 By: Ethan Brisby
When I woke up yesterday, everything felt good. I even managed to convince a friend to cook me breakfast. I drove over to her house and as we finished, she started telling me about the type of home she wanted built. Eventually, I found myself driving around Wellborn, Texas looking for lots that are at least half an acre in size. It was during this time, I got a call that threw the rest of my day into a tailspin.
My cousin in San Antonio called me and said, “Brandon has shot hisself in the head.” He preceded to tell me he was about thirty minutes away from his house, but was on his way. We hung up the phone, and I mentioned to my friend what the call had been about. We immediately headed back toward her townhome so I could begin to assess what was going on.
I called Brandon, no answer. So I called another friend who lives in the San Antonio area. He answered and let me know he was indeed at Brandon’s house and the story was true. I began crying right th…

Ten Years in Marvin’s Room: Ethan Brisby; man, myth, legend

September 8, 2016
Ten years ago today, I walked out of a job that many of my peers from the urban core of Bryan, Texas would have called a dream job. I was a Banker. I sat to the right as you walk through the doors of First American Bank, later known as Citi Bank. People told me I was crazy. Little did I know I’d get use to that; except crazy would soon be disguised as words like Brainiac or throw’d, and people would tell me how strange I am. Some would claim their friendship to get a front row seat to the joy I bring to every situation. Thing is, this joy that I have, the world did not give it to me. In the ten year that would pass by since that time I went on to shift the trajectory of my life and eventually everyone in my inner circle.
I’ve learned and conquered more hardship than many experience in a lifetime. The type of hardship and growth that comes along with being ruthlessly true to a call to do more. This is a list of what I remember right now during this ten minutes of creat…